ADK - Advanced Designed Kitchens

Advanced Designed Kitchens are equipped with contemporary design programs which allows us to produce
three-dimensional representations of the final product
Giving you peace of mind that we have understood your vision.
We produce accurate plans and costings to ensure your installation is constructed well, on time and on budget.

A kitchen is often the heart of a modern home, and likewise we will do our best to make it a beautiful feature that adds value to your home.
Our Interior / Cabinetry Designers are pleased to assist you through the often daunting process of selecting products, colours, finishes and textures for your bathroom.
General Cabinetry
Our Interior / Cabinetry Designers can guide you in designing a custom built cabinet for any need, of any size, shape or colour.
We understand that commercial installations have very specific operational needs and must be very durable as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
Caravan / Houseboats
Our skills are not just limited to the built environment – we can build for vehicles on the road or water as well.